Montpellier (France)

Symposium Inexo 2017. Alternative Models "in vitro, Ex ovo and Organisms : From research to applications in pathologies and aging.

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General presentation.


Financial and legal constraints linked to animal experimentation prompt the scientific community to develop promising alternative methods for studying chronical diseases and aging pathologies.

Developing these new approaches aiming at to reduce, refine and/or replace (3R) animal use constitutes today an exciting challenge.

Based on the diversity and talent of its researchers, Montpellier University has initiated leading working groups devoted to the development of alternative in vitro methods. Taking advantage of this propicious context, this symposium will treat cellular models, human and animal skin (issued from biopsies or reconstituted) issues, ex ovo models and microorganism alternatives.

Considering the potential interest of such alternative technics, the French Society of Pharmacy & Latina Mediterranean has accepted to include our symposium in the program of its XIV° Congress. Number of high level scientists has already joined us to make this symposium as successful as possible.

We sincerely hope you will also take part to this promising adventure.



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